Tank Cleaning

In the oil and gas industry, prolong use of equipment along with adverse environmental condition affects the durability of these equipment and they begin to degenerate after a period. In order to extend and maximize the lifespan of these equipment and spare parts, it is a prerequisite for Exploration and Production companies in the oil and gas industry to routinely and adequately carry out maintenance on the equipment by use of experts who are trained for the job.

Consequent upon this, IDOFED repositions itself as competent with skills and technical know-how in providing maintenance services for its clients and at the same time ensure absolute quality control during
operations to prevent breakdown of machinery and loss of valuable production time.

We maintain:
— Installed equipment and spare parts
— Offshore and onshore facilities (Piping systems, Instrumentations, etc.)

IDOFED provides state of the art fuel purifiers that de-water and remove microbial contamination from gasoline, diesel, and ethanol tanks so as to meet engine manufacturers’ cleanliness requirements.

Our Tank cleaning services includes:
— Automated purifying systems for bulk fuel storage, generator base tanks, day tanks, underground and above ground tanks.
— Mobile fuel purifiers and tank cleaning systems used by petroleum equipment and tank service companies for tank maintenance removing sludge, rust, and water.

Our supply products include:
— Portable Fuel Tank Cleaning Systems for Gasoline and Diesel
— Permanent Stand-Alone Systems for Maintaining Clean Dry Fuel
— On-Board Systems for Boats and Heavy Equipment