Pipeline Services

IDOFED specializes in providing services for repair of corroded or damaged pipelines for oil and gas industries using composite repair systems.

Composites which are strong and durable materials can provide the qualities required when performing critical repairs. Numerous field trials, in-house testing, and third-party testing have demonstrated that our Composite Reinforcement System possesses those performance qualities, and as such, has been successful ly used on many pipelines for repairing external corrosion and mechanical damage.

Our supply products include:


* COMPOSITE WRAP/PIPE WRAP. The formulations of these product systems are solvent-free to ensure safety and maximum technical performance.

These products inform of tapes are cost effective, advanced alternatives to metal sleeves and offer additional advantages not generally found with sleeves – such as, application in any weather condition or element and to any part of the pipe, even joints and bends. Water and humidity does not have to delay the job.