Process Automation System

Oil and gas industry can improve its operational efficiency by use of process automation systems. 

This involves the use of computer technology and software engineering / measuring instruments to help power Production Plants, Rig platforms, and Tank gauging systems for Refineries and Tank farms.

IDOFED’s response to the industry’s demand on high level automation for increase productivity and efficiency is centered on our relationship and partnership with foreign companies and OEMs for process automation systems, which puts us at the fore-front of carrying out supply services,

IDOFED partner with reputable OEM and handle Demagnetization of pipe end including training of personnel.

installation, commission, maintenance, and asset optimization of these systems to satisfy our clients’ needs. By this means we are adding value to their production capacity at minimal cost. We provide the following Process Automation services:
— Equipment Supply
— Instrumentation installation and commissioning
— Monitoring of flow systems and asset optimization
— Maintenance services 
— Flow calibration / certification 
— Support services